Bomb 5v5 Cup written by swift, 12 years, 5 months ago

Date: Sun 6th Sep 2009 - 16:00 CEST
Checkin: 15:00 CEST

Mappool: wbomb1, wbomb2, cwbomb1, cocaine_b2, alley

Games are played best of three. If both teams win 1 map, the final map is chosen by elimination, starting with the team that wins a cointoss.

Since this is a one day cup and time is limited, roundlimits will be lower than usual.

- scorelimit 10
- roundlimit 9
- bombtimer 25

website: []
rules: []


Forced Match Schedules written by swift, 13 years, 2 months ago

Since the current scheduling process doesn't work out at all for neither players nor admins, we have decided to force every match to a date and time by default and allow players to then reschedule their games freely. Since we are behind schedule, the next 2 sundays will have more forced matches than we'd normally hope to have.

I've updated the rules to represent this change:
Ȥ 3 - Scheduling Matches
Match dates are forced to a sunday between 19.00 CET and 23.00 CET. Exact dates and times for each round are written in the news section of this site for each season. Generally matches will be evenly split across all sundays between the 1st and 25th of each month.

Players are free to actively reschedule any forced match to any day between the 1st and the 25th of the month. Any rescheduled dates must be given to an admin before the forced date.«

Forced Dates:
Round 1: 16th november 19.00CET
Round 2: 16th november 20.00CET
Round 3: 16th november 21.00CET

Round 4: 23rd november 19.00CET
Round 5: 23rd november 20.00CET
Round 6: 23rd november 21.00CET
Round 7: 23rd november 22.00CET


Schedules and first Games written by swift, 13 years, 2 months ago

If you haven't scheduled all your games yet, please do so as soon as you can. Really, do it now! Otherwise, you'll find out that your opponent is only on at weekends or can't play the last 10 of those 25 days when it's too late. If you have trouble finding your opponent, join #bolted and #warsow on QuakeNET and query me so I can help.

We've seen the first premier division matches played today on wswtv with about 10-15 viewers throughout the games. One of those, was an incredibly close game between s4nd and dendrofil with an overtime, a comeback, lots of control changes and 3 maps played overall. If you missed it, head over to the new demo section []!