bolted Gameserver written by gripir, 11 years, 1 month ago

I've set up two servers for a one week testing. They are located in Cologne/Germany.
Please use those servers for your duels and give me response through comments or leave me a message on the irc channel.

Regards gripir

Server IPs:
Password for both servers: getbolted
#bolted - duel one! -->
#bolted - duel two! -->

added aciddm2 and 36dm2

You can also use the h1ogl servers:
connect;password war1
connect;password war2
connect;password war3
connect;password war4
connect;password war5
connect;password war6


bolted Season 3 has started! written by gripir, 11 years, 1 month ago

Everyone who has signed up for the league should play his matches in the next 25 days!
Who are your opponents?
Just have a look at the ranking section []!
Have fun and good luck and don't forget to read our rules []!

... and come to #bolted qnet irc channel to chat with us! cu soon!


bolted - the warsow duel league written by swift, 11 years, 1 month ago

After 2 seasons as a 1-day cup, we have decided to change the format of bolted to a league.

Sign ups are open until the first of next month. After the season started, you will have until the 25th to play the 7 opponents in your group. If you manage to place first or second, you will move up to the next division, if you place last, you will move down.

We are hoping at least 24 players. Please join us in our irc channel #bolted

» wdm3
» wdm5
» wdm6
» wdm10a
» wdm15
» 32dm2_b1
» acidwdm2

More info on our rules page []