§ 1 - Warsow is the Art of Respect and Sportsmanship Over the Web
§ 2 - Best of 3
Both contestants are to pick one map from the mappool that is to be played. If, after both maps have been played, the score is 1:1, a third map is decided by elimination. Elimination starts, after the first player called a cointoss. The loser of said cointoss then proceeds by eliminating the first map from the remaining maps in the mappool, so that the winner of the cointoss is the one to make the final elimination.

§ 3 - Spectators
Since, spectators on the match server could give an unfair advantage to one contestant, spectators require permission of both teams. It is expressly permitted to set up a WarsowTV server for games.

§ 4 - Replays and Screenshots
Players are asked to get MVDs after their matches and send them to Uz. Furthermore, both players should have screenshots and demos ready in the case of a conflict. However, there won't be any sanctions for failing to provide demos or screens alone.

§ 5 - Game and Version
All games are played with the most recent warsow release. Matches are to be played on basewsw. Teams may agree on playing the game on an ffmod sever.

§ 6 - IRC
Official Tournament IRC Channel is #bolted @ []. All teams need to have at least one member in the channel during the cup.